Ice Mimicry
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Marshall mimicking ice
Ability to:
transform into ice

Ice mimicry is the ability to turn oneself into ice.



Rosaline Calwin-Fletcher

Rosaline is able to turn herself into ice at will. This will happen instantaneously, and she will be able to remain flexible whilst in her icy state. The ability allows her to feel no pain and reform if shattered or broken. Whilst in her ice state, she can also generate spikes of ice from her hands which she can use to impale her victims. The ability likely originates from her grandmother's ability of cryokinesis.

Marshall Maitland-McKay

Marshall will be capable of making his body mimic ice. He will be able to transform into a frozen form within a few seconds, and will be particularly strong and durable in this form. He will normally use the ability to protect himself. However, he will in turn be more vulnerable to heat, and if he melts too much he will not be able to return to a human form without aid. Unlike Rosaline, he will not be able to produce any offensive ice spikes.

Similar Abilities

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