Induced Aim
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Making a perfect shot
Ability to:
have perfect aim and be unable to miss

Induced aim, also called enhanced aim and enhanced accuracy, is the ability to have perfect aim at all times, and be incapable of ever missing.



Matthew Parkman

Matthew can use this ability will any sort of natural projectile, like a gun, ball or archery. When he is aiming at a target, he can never miss. The ability is reflexive, and activates every time he aims.

Noah Gray

Noah has the same limits as Matthew.

Abbie Gray

Like her twin, Abbie too has the same limits as Matthew.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has the same limits as Matthew.

Unnamed Villain

This man combined the ability with electrokinesis, preventing his arcs from missing. He was unaware that he had this ability. He required light to aim.

Robert Hood

Robert seems to have similar limits to Matt, and cannot miss with any projectile. He calls the ability Enhanced Accuracy.

Carter Bishop

Carter will be unable to miss whenever he aims, similarly to Matt.

Brigitte Treharne

Brigitte will never be able to miss using any projectile, or when throwing her energy balls. Her aim will always be perfect.The ability will be passive and will work whenever she aims at anything.

Similar Abilities

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