Induced Radioactivity
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Ted emitting radiation
Ability to:
emit radiation

Induced radioactivity is the ability to emit radiation.



When first manifesting this ability, one will emit low levels of radiation at all times, which will eventually grow. The radiation is usually showed as a glowing light. Most individuals will not be affected by their own radiation, but every other living thing would sicken and die. The only exception to this rule has been Amid, who suffered radiation burns to his arms from the ability. The unnamed man in World 3 was also killed when he lost control of the ability and exploded, though he'd previously been able to emit smaller amounts of radioactivity without any harm. Emotional triggers, physical injury or overloading on absorbed abilities can all cause loss of control, producing fires and radiation burns, and even nuclear explosions. Prolonged exposure to the low levels can make objects radioactive themselves, and give a person radiation poisoning. The ability can eventually be controlled, and the accidental emission of radiation ceased. Beneficial uses of the ability include using the radiation to produce heat, to jump-start an engine, to sterilise and to produce electromagnetic pulses which deactivate electronic equipment.

Similar Abilities

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