Information Production
Enhanced memory in 407 (3)

A woman is shocked when she first produces an answer
Ability to:
produce correct answers to any simple questions

Information production is the ability to produce the correct answer to any simple question one voices.



Unnamed Girl

This girl was never shown using her ability, but it is known that she would have similar limits to Sable. She would have been capable of producing an answer to a simple, easily-answered question asked aloud by herself. Complex or open questions would receive no result. Questions asked by others would also receive no result. However, the ability is not consciously controlled, and it will activate at any suitable question, whether or not she intended to use the ability at that time. The question must be asked verbally, and the answer is also given verbally. Therefore, preventing speech prevents use of the ability. It is not necessary for her to be able to hear herself asking, but then this would usually prevent reception of the answer.

Sable Petrelli

Sable has the same limits as the girl in the orphanage, since she gained the ability from her. She too needs to ask a simple, easily-answered question in order to gain an answer. She initially used the ability to learn her own identity and that of her brother, and she now uses it to facilitate her spying on Pinehearst.

Adam Brody

Adam could use this ability to gain information about others, including learning what their weaknesses and worst fears would be. He would either need to ask the questions aloud or ask them in his mind.

Gabriella Bennet

Since Gabriella gained this ability from Adam, she has the same limits as him. However, she has never been shown using the ability.

Noah Gray

Noah has similar limits to Adam and Gabriella. He has used it a few times to gain information, usually by asking mental questions.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has similar limits to Adam, Gabriella and Noah. She too has used it a handful of times.

Peter Petrelli

In World 2, Peter has similar limits to Adam, Gabriella, Noah and Abbie. In World 5, he has similar limits to Sable and the girl she mimicked the ability from. He has been shown using the ability in World 2 to identify the abilities of the man who killed his wife and son, learning exactly how they were killed. However, when he tried to ask how they could be revived he gained no answer, since that question was too open.

Aoki Petrelli

Aoki will be capable of sensing the answer to any simple question which he asks aloud. He will find himself speaking the answer seconds after he has spoken the question, in a clear and loud voice. He will never be able to control or deactivate the ability. The question will have to be simple, with an easily explained answer, and he will not be able to use the ability for guidance or knowledge of the future. He could be prevented from accessing the ability by gagging him.

Similar Abilities

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