Izzy is a minor character who was used by Pippy in World 5. She is 26 years old, comes from New York, and was a friend of Pippa Millbrook. She gained the ability of Elementokinesis after buying the formula, but this was subsequently absorbed by Pippa.


Izzy has pale skin, pretty features and dark curly hair. Her eyes are a light brown shot through with green.


She is quite nice, and very fun. She wants to be popular and special, and tries to use her family's money to buy this and to make friends.


She gained the ability of Elementokinesis from the formula, and could use it to create and manipulate air, earth, water and fire. Since she lost this ability when Pippa accidentally absorbed it, she now has no ability once more.


  • Father - Harry Winyard
  • Unnamed deceased mother
  • Only child

Brief History

Izzy is an only child, her mother having died in childhood. Her father raised her alone, often spoiling her though she wasn't selfish about it. She'd by her friends things too, and try to use the money to increase her popularity. She doesn't have a job, living on her father's money instead. She bought a vial of the formula almost as soon as she'd heard of it, and gained elementokinesis. She tried showing the ability to her friend Pippa, but couldn't since Pippa had accidentally absorbed it from her. Pippa didn't explain to her what had happened, so Izzy now thinks the formula had malfunctioned and is attempting to sue Pinehearst over it.

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