Isabella "Izzy" Esbanoza is a minor character belonging Pippy in World 2: Reflections. She is the second child of Chris and Carla Esbanoza. She is currently 8 years old, and she has the abilities of Florakinesis, Temperature Manipulation and Plasticity.


Izzy also takes the family traits that repeat themselves in both of her siblings, as well. She has light blonde hair, currently, her hair lighter than everyone else's in her family, and it tends to curl a lot, especially at the top. However, in the future, her hair will naturally straighten out. Her eyes are more green than the rest of her family, as well, and will remain the exact same green-blue shade for her entire life. In the future, she will learn to wear a lot of eye make-up, because she believes it to be flattering. Her skin tone is naturally very pale, a lot paler than her brother's skin tone. As a young girl, she enjoys dressing slightly boyishly, to match her tomboyish attitude, normally in jeans, and an old sweatshirt, which is often baggy. However, in the future she will dress in clothes flattering to her good figure, and she will learn to exentuate her better features, as she finds them, a complete contrast to her old choice in clothing.


Temp manip

Creating fire and ice

Temperature Manipulation is her first and best ability. She is very good with it, and it allows her to change the temperature, whenever she wants. She can create ice, by lowering the temperature, and unbareable heat, by raising the temperature. In later years, it will be her best fighting ability.

Tumblr n8w81graMi1r2psneo1 250

Manipulating vines

Florakinesis is her second ability, and it allows her to create, manipulate and destory all forms of plants. This involves trees, flowers, bushes and generally grass. She loves to play with this ability, and it is currently her favourite.

Tumblr mj48n4XoFA1r39i1to4 250

A man elongating his arm to unlock a door

Plasticity is her third ability. This is more useful than powerful, and allows her to bend and change her body in many different ways. She is flexible, and it basically means she can stretch, deform, expand and contract her own body. This does not work on others.

Family & Relationships

Her family is not very big, compared to many, but she loves all of her family very very much, and they love her the same way.


Although she is better known as Izzy, she was christianed Isabella, which is a Hebrew name meaning "God is my vow". None of her or her siblings have a middle name, but the surname Esbanoza is Spanish, orignally, and means "difficult; pricky person".

Brief History

She was born and raised in New Jersey, but the family moved to London when she was five. She manifested her abilities but kept them a secret, until she learned that several family friends were also evolved humans. She has since began attending the Gifted Academy.

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