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Ivana is a character for World 8 - Brave New World. Ivana is a rich business women who comes from The Czech Republic. Ivana started off as a sexy and high-class women but when her hotel was set on fire by the government her life came crashing down. Her brother Jonas died unexpectedly and a lot of her money was taken. Ivana had no choice but to move back to The Czech Republic.

Brief History

Ivana manifested when she was a little girl watching her dad skiing. She hugged him and wished for him to do his best. He did do his best and gained speed but too much, he fell and broke his neck. Ivana was mega upset and left her family and went to start a life in New York as a business women. Every since she has denied to have an ability and hardly ever used her ability. She started a chain of hotels around the world but the main one is located in New York and is named 'The Kartanova Tower'. She became close friends to Joshua Evans and their friendship grew and grew and grew over the years. Ivana tried to help find the cure when the virus was released and failed to do so. When the hunt on specials started Ivana stood tall and went through life normally until her hotel was burnt down. She lived in her apartment for a while, while it was being re-built. It was nearly re-built when her brother Jonas died unexpectedly, but then she told them to stop rebuilding. After going to his funeral she decided it was enough...she would finally return home to The Czech Republic The world hasn't seen the last of her....


Personal Productivity

Personal Productivity is the ability to increase ones work flow. Just by a touch Ivana can make some one do they best they possibly can at a set task. Ivana can also slightly augment abilties.


Longevity is the ability to live forever unless killed, without aging once cellular maturity is reached. Ivana manifested this ability recently.

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