Jack Calwin Training Facility

The Jack Calwin Training Facility, also known as JCTF, is a facility which helps evolved humans to learn how to use and control their abilities, using specialist training. It is a part of The Organisation, and was founded by Jack Calwin. It works with The Organisation to improve the performance and increase the skills of all evolved humans.

The facility is open to all evolved humans of all ages, and is open 24 hours a day, whenever it is needed. However, most under the age of 18 would be trained at the Gifted Academy, since those who train them here are skilled at dealing with infants, children and young people.


The objectives of JCTF are to ensure that all evolved humans are capable of controlling and using their abilities fully. The facility teaches people to understand how their ability works, to control the abilities without emotional interference if possible, and often to control when the ability is activated, unless it is reflexive.

It also helps teach fighting techniques and different styles of fighting, if the evolved human wants to learn these. This will give them an advantage if they need to defend themselves or attack. The facility also teaches many evolved humans the advantages and disadvantages of their abilities, and brings out the best in the individual. The facility is used by The Organisation, training new agents to the correct level before they qualify, and is also often used by current agents to maintain and improve their skills.

Founders and Teachers

Jack Calwin primarily founded JCTF, after he gained permission to do so from Lowri Petrelli, the original founder of The Organisation.


  • Jack Calwin (Director and Founder of The Jack Calwin Training Facility)

Current Teachers

Previous Teachers

Future Teachers


Inside of the building, there also a few offices but the majority of the rooms are for training. Each room is designed for a specific purpose and with types of abilities in mind. Some, for example, are able to cope with different amounts of pressure within the room, with others can cope with different temperatures and are unburnable. The building is funded by the government via The Organisation, and this helps pay for the advanced technology within the building.

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