James Leit

James Leit is a recurring character once used by Lowri in World 1: Redemption Vs Revenge. He was in his mid-thirties and had no ability, a non-evolved human. He was previously an agent working at Building 26, and after regaining his memories of this he began pursuing, persecuting and killing more evolved humans.



Anna's murder

Leit worked for Homeland Security before beginning to work in Building 26 as an agent. After the operation was ceased, too overwrought with what he'd heard of and witnessed, he refused to accept that evolved humans were not a threat. Because of this, he instead had his memories wiped, and he returned to his hometown of Chicago. Here he attempted to rebuild his life, confused by the apparent gap in his memory. A friend and old flame of his named Anna, who'd recently manifested healing but kept it a secret, offered to attempt to help him recover. She healed him. However, overcome with the sudden rush of memories, he realised she too had an ability, automatically believed she was a threat and killed her with a knife. He fled and sought out more ex-agents, recruiting them to continue the work. They captured and killed several evolved humans, including the biological family of Molly Sanders. A group of evolved humans formed to combat them, but they were corrupted and turned instead to revenge. Leit was eventually captured by the New Company, and then he was given life imprisonment for several accounts of first degree murder.


The name James is a Hebrew name which means "supplanter". The meaning and origin of the surname Leit is unclear, but could be derived from "light".

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