Jasper Ellis

Jasper Ellis is a recurring character used in World 1: Redemption Vs Revenge by Lowri. He was the leader of a group of evolved humans attempting to stop a group of ex-B26 agents from returning to their earlier work, whose purpose ultimately turned to revenge. The entire group was captured by the New Company, after they were killed and revived. Jasper has the ability of Precognitive Visions and is in his late thirties.


Doyle vision i fall to pieces

Experiencing a vision (click to animate)

Jasper has the reflexive ability to receive visions of the future. The visions he saw included his own capture by the group of agents, his later escape, and several of the other evolved humans this group would eventually target. At first, he couldn't control the visions he'd get, but he eventually learned to focus and call them. He and his group would use the ability to guide them.


Jasper manifested in his late thirties, beginning to receive visions which he would later realise would come true. He had been listed as a target by Building 26, but had never been captured by them. A few months after manifesting, he began receiving repeated visions of himself being captured, beaten and tortured by a group of unidentified men. He attempted to evade this, but the visions continued to come, and he was captured and tortured as he'd foreseen. His captors included James Leit, who was using the precognitive man to convince other ex-agents to join him. However, Jasper eventually succeeded in escaping, and determined that he would stop this group.


Their burning base

He formed his own group for this purpose, and recruited a teleporter, Sanders, and Sean O'Brien. At first they would simply use Jasper's ability to identify the next targets and intercept. But the purpose eventually altered to something more pre-emptive, and then to revenge. They burned one agent's family alive in their home, using Sanders' niece Molly to do so. Jasper learned in a vision that this had led Sean O'Brien to change sides, and that he was now attempting to turn them over to the New Company. Sean was captured by the group, along with Sinead Connell and Rooreru Kiryuu when they tried to help him. However, when Molly learned of how the group had used her - having previously believed that the agent's house had been empty and that the arson had been a warning only - she freed those 3, and burned the group members alive in their base. Jasper died here. However, they were all revived, and are now prisoners of the New Company.


Jasper is a Persian name which means "treasurer", and also is the name of a spotted gemstone. His surname is Hebrew and means "my God is the Lord".

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