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Jumping leaves behind a rip through time and space
Ability to:
jump through time and space

Jumping is the ability to 'jump' from one place to another, or even through time, by ripping time and space. It is a form of instant travel and leaves behind a glassy orb-like effect.



Ishi Nakamura Jnr

Jumping lets Ishi 'jump' from one place to another. It takes longer than most other ways of instantaneous transportation, but also lets her travel through time and take objects and other people through time with her, as long as there is physical contact. It is named 'jumping' because she appears to jump out of thin air in the new location. Ishi 'jumps' quite often, but the ability cannot be used too much in quick succession, as the ripping of time and space could cause a permanent portal through time and space. Because of this, and because of the conspicuousness of the visual effect left behind, Ishi tends not to use the ability that often. She has been shown using the ability at a young age, but doesn't currently always accurately travel to the correct destination or time period. It is unknown when she will overcome this limitation. The ability could be derived from her father's ability of time and space manipulation.

Reid Petrelli

Reid will be able to "jump" from one place to another, like Ishi can. This will leave behind a glass-orb like effect. He could "jump" to different locations and even through time, and could take others with him if he were touching them at the time. Every time he will "jump", he will have to wait until the glassy orb-like effect has faded before "jumping" again, or risk permanently damaging time and space. However, he will use the ability more readily than Ishi does, since he will not particularly care for the conspicuousness. He will also find it easier to aim the ability.

Similar Abilities

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