Baby name

Kalya as a child

Kalya Almas Suresh is a character used by Pippy in World 2. She is roughly 3 years old, and is the daughter and youngest child of Mira and Mohinder Suresh. She also has 2 older brothers. Her abilities are Diamond Manipulation, Diamond Mimicry and Healing Kiss.


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Kalya as an adult

Kalya is a small child who is Indian in appearance. She has light brown hair, and brown eyes. Her hair will darken as she grows, until it will be almost black. Her skin will also darken slightly.


She is loveable, and loves people easily. She is very trusting, possibly sometimes too trusting, and is very kind. She finds interest in the littlest of things, and is a very good friend. She's a pacifist.


Like almost every other character in World 2, Kalya has 3 distinct abilities. The first 2 are interconnected and similar, but the last one is not.

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Mimicking diamond

The first is Diamond Mimicry, which enables her to instantaneously turn as much of her body as she wants to, into a diamond form. Her skin becomes impenetrable and much stronger, but she is still flexible and can run and move freely. She can also make other people mimic diamonds.


Forming diamonds in her palm

Her second ability is Diamond Manipulation. With this she can form diamonds, either by touching an object and transforming it, or by enclosing her hands and creating new diamonds within. The longer she keeps her hands closed for, the larger the diamonds produced will be. She can also manipulate diamonds to form a dust or a shield.

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Healing a dove

Her last ability is Healing Kiss. Kalya can heal any injury with a kiss, but she cannot revive. She can also use this ability on herself, as she did when she first manifested. However, the healing will work faster if the kiss is meant, or more passionate.



Kalya was born in India and raised there by her family until she was a year old. She manifested all 3 of her abilities shortly after birth. She is now attending the Gifted Academy, and the family have moved to New York, with her parents both working at the school also.


Only a little is known of Kalya's future. She will begin dating Jacob Gray when they are both in their teens, and they will both attend the University of Dehli together before marrying. Jacob will propose to her shortly after he graduates, in 2030, and they will be married in the winter of 2031. They will first have a son, Rajan, born in 2037, then a daughter, Nisha, born in 2039, and then another daughter, Anshu, born in 2041.

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