Kay Westfield is a recurring character used by Lowri in World 2: Reflections. She is in her early thirties, though her expression holds the bitterness and sadness of a much older woman. She is the cousin of Lowri Elan Petrelli and of Cadi Courtey. She is a villain with the ability of Ability Creation, although faulty and unstable.


She is thin, pale and fragile looking, with long black hair. Her eyes are grey and often have a haunted look to them. She has a constant bitter and sad expression and an air of depression.


Kay has been mentally unstable for years. She is severely depressed, hating both herself and the world. She feels that they are weak and deserve to be punished for this. She is bitter, hateful and is often suicidal.


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Creating a new ability (click to animate)

She has the ability of Ability Creation which can give her any ability she can think of. However, her ability is unstable, perhaps because of her own mental unstability's effect on it, or perhaps because of the effect of actions taken to try to weaken and deal with her. This unstability in the ability, though lessened, is still passed on to any who copy or mimic it in any form. When giving herself an ability, she needs to hold it consciously. If she is distracted she will lose the ability she has granted herself, and will struggle to regain it, sometimes for weeks or months. The ability is also limited by what options of abilities she can conceive.


Brief History

Kay had been depressive and unsettling throughout her childhood, getting worse as she aged, and she was first diagnosed when she was 20. She manifested 5 years afterwards, and began using the ability to punish those she deemed weak and deserving of punishment - the entire world. She came to the attention of the Organisation, and Lowri Elan Petrelli took responsibility for her capture because of their relation. However, she evaded Lowri, and blackmailed her into helping her gain more abilities to give herself. Lowri managed to trick her into adding the weak fault into her ability, instead. She was killed by Gabriel Gray after he reverted to killing in grief over his new wife's death, and was found and revived by Lowri. She has been in Organisation custody since, but escaped in a mass breakout.


Kay is a Greek name, an alternate form of Katherine, meaning "pure". This is an ironic reference to how impure her mindset and ability is. Her surname is English and means "Western field or meadow", which may be a reference to how her family originates from West Wales.

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