Kiss Of Influence
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Influencing a man with a kiss
Ability to:
influence the minds and bodies of others with a kiss

Kiss of influence is the ability to influence the minds and bodies of others with a kiss, making them do what one wants.



Owain Walters

Owain could influence a person's body and mind to do or think something when kissed. To do this, he needed to have physical contact with that person, with his lips touching their skin, and thus a person could evade his ability by avoiding this contact. For a stronger use of the ability a kiss on the lips was needed, or a longer physical contact with that person. The kiss could either be passionate or completely chaste, and this didn't seem to make any difference. He could influence a person into doing absolutely anything, and their own personal beliefs and strength of will didn't seem to make any difference.

Lauren Montag

Like Owain, Lauren can influence the minds and bodies of others with a kiss, but hers is more geared towards sexual or romantic kisses. A more passionate, meaningful or longer-lasting kiss will have more of a lasting effect upon the other person. A chaste kiss on the cheek would still work, but the effect would be weak and it'd be easy to break out of it. Her victims' own personal beliefs and preferences don't seem to have any effect.

Barnaby Herriford

Barnaby will be able to influence others with a kiss. Whenever his lips touch a person's skin, he will be able to affect their opinions, thoughts and behaviour. They will find themselves doing whatever he had willed them to do at the time. The ability will always activate whenever he kisses a person.

Similar Abilities

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