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Lana in human form

Lana is a character roleplayed by Pippy in World 4. She's 17 years old, a werewolf and has imprinted upon Joshua Baker. She's the Alpha of the Navajo Pack. The entire pack now live in Otsu, and have joined the Firelock Coven Guard.


She has layered dark brown hair, and pale blue eyes. She is very tall, at 6'3. In her wolf form she is a large black wolf with the same pale blue-grey eyes. She is naturally very tanned, due to her native American hertiage, and she tends to wear as little clothing as she can, in case she needs to phase quickly.


She's very intelligent, thoughtful and deep, and will almost always think thing through clearly. She's usually serious, but can be fun when she's not busy. She's careful and kind. She's usually very pacifistic.


As a werewolf, Lana can transform into a giant wolf. In this form, she is fast, strong and has amazing senses, and she has these qualities too in her human form, although not as advanced. She can heal from any wound, and will not age while she continues to shift. She has a telepathic bond with the rest of her pack. As an Alpha, she can also command the other members, take over their will, and she can communicate telepathically with Alphas of other packs.

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Strengthening a teleporting ability (click to animate)

She also has her own ability, to manipulate other abilities. She can sense if a vampire or werecreature has an ability, and identify it. She can also weaken or strengthen abilities, and delete them completely.

Family, Pack & Relationships

Like her half-sister, Lana too comes from a very small family, which includes:

  • Estranged mother - Kate Wilkinson
  • Father - Jacob Clarke
  • Younger maternal half sister - Kaylee Rutter

She is the Alpha of her pack, the Navajo pack. The other members are:

She has imprinted upon Joshua Baker and is in a relationship with him.

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