Laser Emission
Michael's power

Michael produces a laser
Ability to:
emit a laser beam from one's finger or eyes

Darya Deveaux

David Cale

Katie Greene (via intuitive apititude)

Future Villain

Laser emission is the ability to emit laser beams from one's fingers or eyes.


  • A Primatech agent named Michael had this ability naturally.
  • Darya Deveaux will possess this ability naturally.
  • David Cale will have this ability naturally.
  • Katie Greene will take the ability from David.
  • A future villain in World 2 will possess this ability naturally.



Michael was shown using the ability to emit a blue coloured laser from his finger, which was strong enough to kill a cockroach or a human. He claimed that it could pierce a two foot block of steel. The ability didn't include immunity to itself, and its activation was by a physical action of aiming, as shown by how Doyle forced Michael to use the ability to kill himself.

Darya Deveaux

Darya will be able to produce lasers from her fingertips, similarly to Michael, triggered by the action of aiming. She will also be able to emit lasers from her eyes, which will not be activated by the physical action of aiming the finger. She will not have immunity to any of her lasers.

David Cale

David will be capable of emitting lasers from his fingertips. The lasers will appear in a variety of different colours. He will attempt to use the ability to protect himself from Katie Greene, but will fail since the lasers will be telekinetically deflected away.

Katie Greene

Since Katie takes the ability from David, she will have similar limits.

Future Villain

The villain will be capable of producing blue lasers from his hands which he will use to kill Tessa Petrelli. She will describe the attack as blinding light followed by intense pain. It will be enough to decimate her body.

Similar Abilities

  • Electrokinesis is the ability to produce electricity and manipulate it
  • Green energy beam is the ability to produce beams of energy which seem to melt things
  • Disintegration beam is the ability to produce beams that can disintegrate anything in its way
  • Fatal beam is the ability to produce beams which kill whoever they touch

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