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Lee as a baby

Lee Timothy Markell-Bennet-Berg is a character used by Lowri in World 2: Reflections. He is the second adoptive child of Claire Bennet and Gretchen Berg. He possesses the abilities of Familial Intuition, Familial Immortality and Botanic Product Manipulation.


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Lee as an adult

As an infant and child, Lee has short dark brown hair, and dark blue eyes. His hair will lighten a little as he grows, but his eyes will always remain at the exact same colour, throughout. He will tan quite easily. He will become tall and broad shouldered, and will dress quite simply in jeans and plaid shirts, or plain shirts and T shirts. He will prefer being casual.


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A time-travelling relative can be recognised

Lee's first ability is Familial Intuition. The ability enables him to immediately identify relatives and loved ones, even if that person is disguised or has not been met before. This includes both his adoptive family and his biological one. He can infer the relative's name and any other relevant information about him or her, such as emotions, problems and current or soon dangers. When Lee first meets his birth parents after having been adopted, he will use the ability to identify them.


Healing while a relative is alive

His second ability is Familial Immortality. This means that he is immortal while he has close biological relatives alive, and heals from every injury, wound and illness without a mark. However, the survival of a blood relative is essential for this. The degree of relation cannot be much weaker than a first cousin, and adoptive relatives and relatives through marriage don't count. However, the relative does not have to be present, merely alive.

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Manipulating paper

His final ability is Botanic Product Manipulation. Using this ability, Lee is able to create, manipulate, repair and destroy any material made from plants. For example, he can manipulate wood, cotton, linen, paper, card and cardboard, and inks made from berries. However, he isn't able to manipulate any living plants.



When Lee was a few weeks old, his birth parents Laisha and Darragh Markell were both arrested and captured by the Organisation in a raid. Both had been members of a criminal evolved human gang. Afterwards, Lee became a ward of the state as he had no other relatives, but he was soon adopted by Claire and Gretchen.


Lee is an English name which means "clearing" or "meadow", and also means "descendant of Laoidheach" in Gaelic. His middle name, Timothy, is a Greek name which means "to honour or fear God". His original surname, Markell, is derived from the name Mark which means "from the god Mars". His adoptive surname of Bennet is Latin and means "blessed", while his adoptive surname of Berg is German and means "mountain".

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