This is a group which was used in World 1 by Lowri. It consisted of former members of the Kill Squad and former agents of Building 26, who'd returned to their earlier work of persecuting and killing evolved humans.

Known Members

  • James Leit

    James Leit

  • Several unnamed ex-B26 agents
  • Several unnamed Kill Squad members


This group was formed to return to the earlier work of Building 26, and to protect humanity from the perceived threat from those with abilities. To do so, they would capture and kill any evolved human they knew of or would encounter. They would also sometimes hold some of their captives prisoner, in order to prove the existence of evolved humans to others whom they wanted to recruit.


Leit had been an agent at Building 26, who'd had his memory erased when he'd subsequently refused to accept that evolved humans were no longer a threat and that the operation should be shut down. His memory was returned to him by an old friend named Anna, a recently manifested healer who had no idea of her danger. Overcome with the returning memories, he stabbed her and fled. He sought out former members and also met members of the Kill Squad, and they united to return to their work. They began capturing and killing evolved humans. They were countered by Ellis' group, and eventually captured by the New Company. They have now have their memories erased once more, and are living new lives while being surreptitiously watched by the New Company.

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