Light, Shadow And Darkness Manipulation
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Creating an illusion while manipulating light
Ability to:
create and manipulate light, shadows and darkness

Light, shadow and darkness manipulation is the ability to create, control and manipulate light, shadow and darkness.



Laurie Athens

Laurie has possessed this ability for several years by now, but for the first 5 years she kept it a secret and didn't practice it often, so her skill with it is still intermittent. She can produce light, shadow and darkness quite easily, and can manipulate their movements, but she is still learning to use the ability's more complex aspects. She can use powerful and intense light beams to blind others, or to illuminate an area, and can produce a shadowy darkness to hide. She's currently learning to manipulate the wavelength of light to alter colouration, similarly to the use of chromokinesis, to manipulate the movements of light to create illusions, and to make people and objects invisible. At the moment, she can only create these effects sporadically, and often loses control of them if her concentration is broken.

Ryan Millbrook

Ryan is capable of manipulating light, shadow and darkness. He can create them, and can move both that which he created and that which existed previously. It doesn't matter if the previously existing light or darkness is natural, or produced using another ability. In future, he will learn to manipulate light in more advanced ways, such as bending light to cause illusions and invisibility, tricking the sight of others. He will also learn to change colours by manipulating the wavelength of light.

Ai Parkman

Ai's ability will enable her to create and control all forms of light and its absence. She will be able to produce beams of light, illuminate an area completely, cast shadows and absorb light entirely creating pitch darkness. Additionally, she will be able to bend and manipulate light in order to affect colour and cause illusions.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has similar limits to Ryan, but can access the more complex aspects more easily by using other abilities such as illusion and chromokinesis.

Noah Gray

Noah has similar limits to Abbie.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has similar limits to his niece and nephew.

Similar Abilities

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