Lee senses a danger to her linker, Laurie
Ability to:
form one-sided links with other people

Linking is the ability to form one-sided links with other people.



When a link is formed, there is a one sided connection between Laurie, Cassidy or Smith and the character they link with. This link cannot be broken by any means apart from death, and is not at all weakened with distance. No proximity is needed to form a link. It is produced just by thinking of the person and desiring some sort of further connection, but there does need to be some sort of existing emotional connection between the two. Once a link exists, the two can communicate telepathically, and the linkee can sense much of Laurie, Cassidy or Smith's thoughts and emotions, and thus would know if he or she was endangered. At first, Laurie, Cassidy and Smith can also sense the linkee's thoughts and emotions, but this fades, and later they can only sense these when the emotions are heightened. The linker is strengthened in many ways when near the linkee. However, he or she is also severely weakened when the linkee is weakened or injured. If all linkees were to be killed, he or she would also die. Laurie currently holds 3 links: one with each of her triplet sisters, Lola and Lee, and one with her boyfriend, Alex Treharne. Smith currently only has one link, with his sister Ariel. It is unknown how many links Cassidy will hold or who she'll form them with.

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