Liquid Manipulation

Forcing water to boil
Ability to:
manipulate the movements and properties of all liquids

Liquid manipulation is the ability to manipulate the movements and properties of all liquids.



Savajna Suresh

Savajna can use his ability to control the movements of all known liquids. He can also alter their properties, e.g. altering the melting point in order to melt objects, or the boiling point in order to force water to boil. The ability can be used to dehydrate and hydrate any living being, making it a powerful offensive weapon.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has similar limits to Savajna.

Noah Gray

Noah also has similar limits to Savajna.

Peter Petrelli

Peter too has similar limits to Savajna, his niece and nephew.

Austin Houston

Austin did not display this ability, so his limits are unknown. He is only known to have possessed it.

Kim Henson

When Kim first manifested this ability, she forced a kettle of water to boil prematurely without any need of contact. She can also force solids to melt, control the movements of liquids and dehydrate living things.

India Firelock-Reddan-Morrel

India will be capable of creating and controlling any existing liquid. She will be able to produce vast quantities and will be able to manipulate their movements finely. She will be able to force any liquid to boil and will be able to melt any solid to form liquid. Additionally, she will be capable of mimicking liquids herself.

Phoebe Bishop

Phoebe will be able to manipulate any liquid in existence. When she first manifests, people will originally assume that she can only affect water, but then she will begin controlling other liquids as well. She will be capable of creating liquids, manipulating their movements, volumes and chemical properties, forcing liquids to boil or freeze, transforming others into liquids and mimicking liquids herself. She could use the ability offensively by dehydrating a person, drowning someone or manipulating blood. She could also simply liquidise someone. The main defensive use of the ability will be mimicking water to avoid harm, but she will need to be aware of the danger to do so. Her use of this ability will always be conscious.

Similar Abilities

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