Location Manipulation
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Altering one's location
Ability to:
manipulate the locations of oneself, other people and objects

Location manipulation is the ability to manipulate the locations of oneself, other people and objects. It can be used to travel through time and space, to summon and to move things and people remotely.



Aito Connell

Aito often uses this ability to teleport a short distance, such as around a room, and he seems to have great control over where he goes when he does this. He can also summon objects into his hand and teleport larger distances, e.g. from Tokyo to New York, and has time travelled twice. His use of the ability leaves a kind of trace, which others can use to follow him, but not to locate him afterwards. He can teleport away people or objects and move them without moving himself, and has done this a few times when instructed to do so. He has also shown that he needs to be able to concentrate in order to use this ability, and that he can be blocked from accessing it if he is too worried or scared. This defect has led to him being trapped in the future at least once, as a prisoner, and may also have contributed to the fact that he didn't travel back to his original time the day he first manifested, though this could have also been due to not knowing how to do so. He has once failed to teleport to a person's location when that individual was currently deceased.

Keitaro Kiryuu

Keitaro has similar limits to his nephew, but has a little more skill and control at teleporting long distances. He can also summon well, and can also time travel. He's once used the trace of the ability to time travel to the same date as his nephew had.

Liz Jones

Liz is yet to display this ability, but she ought to have similar limits to Keitaro.

Unnamed Villain

This man was shown using this ability to rapidly teleport from one state to another, and to teleport another away without touching the man. He seemed to be highly skilled in his use of the ability.

Naomi Goldsmith

Nae first used this ability to teleport to her nephews' location when drawn by Calling. Since then, she has used it a few times to teleport, but has never summoned others, summoned objects or time travelled.

Peter Petrelli

Peter would have similar limits to the unnamed villain in World 2 and Nae in World 8, though in both worlds he will instead continue to use time and space manipulation to teleport.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has similar limits to Peter.

Noah Gray

Noah too has similar limits to Peter.

Poppy Sanchez-Hawkins-Parkman

Poppy will be able to use this ability to alter her own location, effectively teleporting even up to global distances. She will be able to alter another person's location without needing any contact with the individual. Also, she will be able to alter locations in time, sending people into the past or future and time travelling herself. She will be able to alter the locations of objects and will use this to summon things to her.

Robert Max

Robert has similar limits to Nae and Peter.

Jessica Sky Petrelli

Jess too has similar limits to Nae and Peter.

Damien Anderson

Damien could use this ability to teleport himself and others to any location. He didn't need to have seen that place beforehand. He could also summon people and objects. However, he never learned to use the ability to time travel.

Hannah Hester

Hannah can use this ability to alter her own location upon the Earth, and also to alter the locations of others. She does not need contact with the person to do this. However, she finds it easier if she can see the individual. Additionally, she can summon a person from a distance and can move objects, either summoning them immediately or moving them more slowly which resembles telekinesis. She cannot travel through time unless she is augmented.

Unnamed Villain

The man used this ability to escape from pursuit after having killed a Senator. He had fled into nearby woodland but then teleported away, leaving a footprints which suddenly stopped and no more trail for anyone to detect. It is currently unknown in what other ways he could use his ability.

Sinead Doyle

Sinead's ability will enable her to teleport to different locations worldwide and to travel through time. She will be able to bring passengers with her and carry objects back from her travels. She will also be capable of summoning objects and sending others to different locations without moving herself, though she couldn't anyone or anything through time. She won't need to have seen a place before being able to teleport there. She will access the ability by thinking of the desired place or date, and the person or object she wants to move if she won't be travelling herself. She, they or it will then disappear and reappear in a brief glowing light.

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