Lucy Scott is a recurring character used in World 2 by Pippy. She is 23 years old and has the abilities of Hydrokinesis, Cryokinesis and Sea-life Manipulation. She works at the Gifted Academy, training children with water-based abilities.


Lucy is a little slight, with pale skin. She also has distinctive large light blue eyes which she highlights with a lot of eye make-up, and her hair is a light blonde worn free at shoulder length.


Like most in this world, Lucy has 3 abilities. All of hers are associated with water.

  • Her first is Hydrokinesis. With this, she can manipulate water, and create it from her body. She can also mimic water, and automatically does this whenever threatened or harmed.
  • Her second ability is Cryokinesis. This means she can freeze anything, and shatter it. As well as this, she can produce icicles, and a cold snap which could freeze an entire area. She can also freeze herself if she uses the ability extensively enough, and then she mimics ice.
  • Her final ability is Sea-life Manipulation. She can manipulate and communicate with any sea creature, and can also mimic them.

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