Luke Accera-Gray

Luke Accera-Gray was an orphan, until he was adopted by his adoptive aunt, Pippy Gray. She was the adoptive sister of his mother, Victoria Maxted. He was adopted by Pippy after the death of his biological father.


Luke is Asian in appearance, and is now about 17 years old. His skin is quite pale, as he is half Taiwanese, half American, and his eyes are a dark brown shade. His hair is a similar colour, and he's just above average height at around 5ft11. He tends to wear simple and ordinary clothing, like jeans.


  • Luke's first ability is Energy Manipulation. He can use this ability to manipulate various types of energies in various ways. He's been seen using it to give a person an energy transfusion.
  • His second ability is Sedation. This enables him to put others to sleep by whistling at them.
  • Invisibility is his third and final ability. He can use this to prevent others from seeing him, though he can still be detected then using other senses, infra-red and some abilities.


Brief History

Luke's birth mother, Victoria, had little interest in raising her son, so she left him in the care of his father, Filipe Accera. However, when Luke was in his early teens, Filipe was killed in a mugging, and Luke was adopted by Pippy. He has been a member of her family since.


Luke is a Greek name meaning "man from Lucania". The surname Accera is derived from a placename in Italy, while Gray is a Gaelic surname which can refer to the colour and can also mean "pleasant".

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