Martial Supremacy

Learning to wield a sword instantly
Ability to:
gain almost unbeatable skill in all types of fighting and weapon usage

This is the ability to gain in-depth knowledge and almost unbeatable skill in all types of fighting and weapon usage.



This ability is closely tied to one's back brain impulses, and gives immense skill in all types of fighting. Upon manifestation or gaining the ability, one would automatically know all types of martial art and hand-to-hand combat. One will also know how to use any type of weapon the first time they touch it. One cannot lose these skills, even if the ability is negated or removed. It also improves tactical skill, and gives amazing knowledge of where to aim for to cause different degrees of damage. Reflexes and speed are improved, and one can fight instinctually so one can fight in darkness or under heavy fire without needing to think about it. However, the ability doesn't make one unbeatable, and it doesn't on its own make a person bulletproof or immune to harm.

Similar Abilities

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