Mason as a child

Mason Darcy Bishop is a character used by Lowri in the future of World 2: Reflections. He will be the youngest son of Tessa and Layton Bishop, and will have the abilities of Bridging, Focus and Disintegration Beam.



Mason as an adult

Mason will take mostly after his father. He will have inherited Layton's blonde hair colour and blue eyes, along with a pale skin tone. As a child, his hair will be kept cut short, and he will often spike it up. It will have grown a little longer and darkened slightly by the time he's an adult, but will remain blonde. His skin will also darken slightly, but will remain quite pale.


Normal 02512

Bridging a relationship

His first ability will be Bridging. This ability will enable him to produce any kind of bridge, whether a literal physical one or a metaphorical one. He can produce bridges between different people which improve the relationships between them, and bridges to get past problems. He could theoretically bridge anything.


Emitting the beam

His second ability will be Disintegration Beam. This is the production of a beam of powerful concentrated energy which causes anything it touches to disintegrate, be it an object or a living being. The beam appears as a ray of blue light, and is emitted from the palm of his hand. He can't stop it from disintegrating anything, but he can control it by aiming it.


Focusing a disintegration beam

His third and final ability will be Focus. Using this ability, he can focus his thoughts and his aim, making either more precise. He can focus his thoughts in order to find connections and solutions more easily, and to aid him in meditation and avoiding distraction. He can focus the aim of any attack, be it his disintegration beam, a physical attack or a projectile. Focusing can also strengthen the attacks as well as making them more accurate.



Mason will be his parents' youngest child, and will be born in 2044. His parents will be 31 and 37 when he is born. His half-sister Jenni will be 12, while his brothers Gareth and Carter will be 5 and 2.


Mason is a French name which means "bricklayer or stone-worker", and the name also has the English meaning of "to make". These meanings could refer to his ability of Bridging. His middle name, Darcy, means "from Arcy". His surname, Bishop, means "overseer" and is also a Christian religious office.

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