Matthew-John is a character in World 8: Brave New World. He is the brother of Joshua Evans and the son of William and Stephanie Evans. Matthew-John has the ability to manipulate stars, planets and all of space. Matthew-John can also time travel, his cells can regenerate and he has enhanced intelligence.

Brief History

Matthew is a science graduate from Cranefield university. Matt and Josh were close when they were younger but when they both were put up for adoption they never saw each other again. The reconnected after Ryan kidnapped people, as Matts partner was kidnapped too....Litlle did Josh that it was Alicia.


Lunakinesis - Wth this ability Matthew can:

  • Create Supernovas
  • Move Planets
  • Change the density of the Gravity
  • Survive outerspace
  • Manipulate the electro-magnetic field around the earth

And many more...

Superhuman Intelligence - Matthew pretty much knows everything and anything!

Advanced Space/Time Manipulation - Matthew can travel through time, forwards, backwards and even sidewards. Matthew can:

  • Stop Time
  • Rewind Time
  • Forward Time
  • Re-write Time

Rapid Cell Regeneration - Matt can be healed from any damage that is inflicted on him.

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