Matthew Morrell was a recurring character used by Pippy in World 2. He was originally from Bristol, England, but moved to live in

Matthew Morrell

New York and taught at the Gifted Academy to repay Pippy Gray. He was 23 years old. He had the abilities of Adoptive Muscle Memory, Enhanced Speed and Enhanced Strength.


Matthew had tanned skin, with dark brown, practically black hair. His eyes were quite a dark blue, and he was very muscular, from all the exercise he got using his abilities and from his work at the Academy.


  • His first ability was Adoptive Muscle Memory. This meant that his body could accurately copy, memorise and reproduce any physical action he saw.
  • His second ability was Enhanced Speed, which enabled him to run at just under the speed of light, leaving a blur.
  • His third ability was Enhanced Strength, which made him much stronger than humanly possible.

Career & Occupation

Matthew worked

Gifted Academy

for Pippy Gray and The Organisation at the school set up for children with abilities, called the Gifted Academy. Here, he taught Physical Abilities, and he also educated the youngest children. In the "normal" side of the school, he taught Sport to all ages. He was training to become a sports teacher, at Bristol University, before he manifested, and left. He had also temporarily worked as an agent for The Organisation before Pippy asked him to work at the school. He was murdered by Michael Pope, a pupil, when the boy attacked the school.

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