Spirits become visible using this ability
Ability to:
see spirits and communicate with them
Ida May Walker

Linda Tavera (via aura absorption)

Lola Calwin (lost)

Sinead Cunningham

Unnamed Woman

Mediumship is the ability to see the dead as spirits and communicate with them.


  • Ida May Walker had this ability naturally.
  • Linda Tavera absorbed the ability from Ida.
  • Lola Calwin possessed this ability until she lost it.
  • Sinead Cunningham will possess this ability naturally.
  • An unnamed woman in World 5 possesses this ability.


Ida May Walker

This ability enabled Ida to see all see all spirits in the area, as pale translucent ghosts. It was reflexive and constant. She could also communicate with the spirits, but found this more difficult. She couldn't enable others to see the spirits if they didn't possess the ability.

Linda Tavera

Since Linda absorbed the ability from Ida, her limits were the same. She could see the spirits while also seeing auras using her core ability.

Lola Calwin

Lola seemed to possess this ability because of having lived and grown up in the afterlife. She could hear and communicate with the spirits easily, and could also sometimes see them. She used the ability to communicate with her mother and grandmother's spirits after she came back to life, and would often seem to be speaking to herself when in reality she was communicating with spirits. However, the ability faded the longer she was living, and it was eventually lost.

Sinead Cunningham

Sinead's limits are currently unknown. She will either be able to see spirits or to hear spirits, or both. It is also unknown if the ability will be passive and constant for her, or if she'll be capable of activating and deactivating it at will.

Unnamed Woman

This woman was able to communicate with the dead and ask them questions on behalf of their living loved ones and relatives. She seemed to do so in order to earn a living. She could also see spirits, but stated that she couldn't enable others to do so, and also stated that she was unable to revive.

Similar Abilities

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