Memory Replication

Anson replicating a man's memory
Ability to:
replicate the memories of others
Unnamed CIA Agent

Unnamed Person

Joshua Evans World 8 (via Intuitive Aptitude)

Robert Max (via empathic mimicry)

Peter Petrelli World 8 (via empathic mimicry)

Anson Cooper

Memory replication is the ability to replicate the memories of others.



Unnamed CIA Agent

The agent could copy the memories of another person while he was near that individual. He needed proximity but not touch. He mainly used the ability to assist his ability recognition, replicating the memories he'd need to identify a person's abilities.

Unnamed Person

The character could use the ability to replicate or copy the memories of others, taking them as his or her own. It is unknown whether he or she could also give these memories to another, and the ability may also have other aspects. He or she never displayed the ability.

Joshua Evans

Joshua has never displayed this ability but it is known that he has gained it. His limits should be similar to the unknown individual he absorbed it from.

Robert Max

Robert too has never used the ability. His limits should be similar to Joshua's.

Peter Petrelli

Peter should have similar limits to Robert and Joshua.

Anson Cooper

Using physical contact, Anson can replicate the memories of others. He normally does this by touching the person's head. The selected memories then appear in Anson's mind but are not lost by the individual, and if Anson is not careful he can have difficulty in distinguishing between copied memories and his original memories. A person can try to block the replication but doing so is painful. When Anson replicates memories, he can also choose to display them on a nearby surface.

Similar Abilities

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