Mental Deception
Powers peter telepathy claire

A telepath being deceived
Ability to:
lie in one's thoughts

Mental deception is the ability to lie with one's thoughts.



Sally Nakamura

Using this ability, Sally will be able to lie convincingly in her thoughts and her mind will not contradict it or betray the falsehood. This means she could lie when communicating telepathically, and if she chose to she could present false thoughts to a telepath. There will be no way to detect when she uses this ability. Lie detection would only be triggered if she spoke the lie too. However, truth activation and truth manipulation could both be used to force her to admit the truth instead.

Unnamed Vampire

All that is known is that this vampire could lie in his or her thoughts, and prevent telepathy from being used to detect the lie. He or she lost the ability when it was stolen by Belleze. However, he or she would have later regained it upon Belleze's death.

Belleze Crinamorte

Belleze used this ability to prevent Lleucu Firelock and Lewis Smith from detecting his true loyalties via their telepathy. Because of this he succeeded in joining the Firelock Coven Guard and then poisoned Tannith Firelock. The deception was only uncovered by his twin sister using postcognition.

Jesse Parkman

This ability will enable Jesse to lie mentally. No one would be able to detect lies in his thoughts, and any telepath searching his mind would be instantly and completely deceived. It will not matter how extreme the lies he presents in his thoughts are. Abilities such lie detection would only be triggered if he also spoke aloud, and even then, his thoughts would appear to contradict the detection if anyone tried to read them.  This would mean that any mind reader would struggle to accept that it was untrue, as the ability will also drive them to believe the lie.

Similar Abilities

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