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Peter merges together two objects in his hands
Ability to:
combine objects, animals, plants or people together

Merging is the ability to combine two or more objects, animals, plants or people together.



The ability can be used to combine several items or beings, both organic and inorganic, but it is unknown if an organic being can be merged with an item. When it is done, a fully functional new being or item is produced which is a mixture of the originals. The mix can be altered by focusing on which characteristics one desired to be preserved or lost. With people, the resulting new person will have all the abilities the originals had, and his or her appearance and personality will be a mixture of the originals. The ability cannot reverse the process. The merging is done by holding the two objects together, and a glowing light is emitted. It is also possible to merge without direct contact, but this is more difficult.

Similar Abilities

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