Merging And Unmerging
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Two people merged within a single body
Ability to:
combine two people together and undo this

Merging and unmerging is the ability to merge two people together, and to reverse the process.



Sylvia Tepes

This ability allowed Sylvia to merge two bodies together and turn them into one. When Sylvia showed this ability she used her hands to represent the people that she would merge together, and when she enclosed her hands together the people were merged. She showed this when merging together Lola and Lotan. The result was that they had similar physical features of both people and could both communicate mentally within the shared body. It took Sylvia a lot of concentration to use this ability, as it could be difficult to use and took a lot of time to build up. As well as merging bodies together, Sylvia could unmerge them, which has been shown to result in problems. When unmerging Lola and Lotan she managed to make Lola a full vampire and Lotan a full werewolf, even though they were originally half of each. She had warned previously that her unmerging was weak and that there were risks, but didn't describe any other possible risks. It is unknown whether more than two bodies can be merged together or if the ability can be used on animals. It is known that the ability doesn't work on inanimate objects.

Levi Capet

Levi is capable of merging multiple bodies together to form one, and unmerging them, safely reversing the process. The resulting body will share features with all of the original bodies, and in the case of conscious beings, they will be able to share thoughts within one mind and communicate. It is known that he can merge together humans, vampires, werecreatures and animals. However, he cannot use the ability on anything inanimate.

Sheridan McKay

Sheridan will be able to use this ability to force any two individuals to merge. Their bodies will blend together, forming one new viable one which will share features with the two original people. The individuals will both be able to think together in the one mind, and will need to work together to move the body. Sheridan will also be able to do this with plants and animals. He will be able to create hybrids of all sorts, but won't be able to merge inanimate objects. He will be able to undo the merging also, restoring people to their original states. He will always gesture with both hands to access the ability, placing his hands together to merge and separating them to split apart.

Similar Abilities

  • Merging is the ability to combine two objects or living beings together
  • Shifting can be used to merge

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