Metal Mimicry
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Mimicking metal to protect oneself from gunfire
Ability to:
turn one's body into a metal
Danny Pine

"Large Guy"

Kano Masahashi

Keagan Parkman

Metal mimicry is the ability to turn one's own body into metal.


  • Danny Pine has this ability.
  • An unnamed character, described only as a "large guy", has shown this this ability.
  • Kano Masahashi has this ability also.
  • Keagan Parkman will possess this ability naturally.


Danny Pine

Danny is able to turn his arm into metal. It is unknown whether he can change other parts of his body into metal also, or transform completely. It is also unknown what metal he mimics, or what its properties may be. When heat is in contact with the metal arm, it causes him pain where the heated metal meets his skin.

Large Guy

The large guy was shown to be able to turn his hand and arm into metal, similar to Danny Pine.

Kano Masahashi

Kano is able to turn his whole body into steel, thus making himself stronger and gaining enhanced durability. He is also able to turn other people into an organic steel form whilst touching them, and uses this to protect others. Since it is his entire body which transforms, heat cannot be used against him like with Danny Pine. He can also form the layer of steel underneath his skin, retaining a normal appearance whilst gaining improved strength and durability.

Keagan Parkman

Keagan will be able to turn either his entire body, his skin or parts of his limbs into metal. Normally, he will consciously choose which metal he transforms into, but otherwise he will mimic either iron, steel or copper, each of which will occur equally often. Mimicking metal will give him increased strength and durability, protecting him from harm and enabling him to safely conduct heat and electricity. He will always be able to move easily whilst in metallic form. He will also gain the normal characteristics of whatever metal he mimics, such as reacting similarly to the metal, being magnetic if he mimics a magnetic metal and being liquid if he mimics mercury.

Similar Abilities

  • Mimicry can be used to mimic metal
  • Substance mimicry is the ability to mimic any substance one knows, including metals
  • Gold mimicry is the ability to mimic gold only
  • Diamond mimicry is the ability to turn one's body into diamonds
  • Alchemy can be used to turn objects into gold
  • Occamy can be used to turn objects into silver

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