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Stopping metal projectiles

Metallokinesis is the ability to manipulate all metals.



Mark Hawkins

Mark has used the ability to move a few small metal objects, and once accidentally to manipulate the iron within his blood. He has also once used it to give Lola Sanchez a defensive metal armour on her skin, which protected her from attack and also effectively healed her earlier injuries. As he develops it, he will be able to learn to alter the properties, appearances and forms of different metals, and will be able to transform one metal into another.

Elan Vaughan-Reist-Greene-Maxxted

Elan only used the ability to manipulate the movements of a bullet, perfecting its aim.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Dann has similar limits to Mark and has used the ability to deflect away bullets.

Sky Ashford

Sky inherited this ability from her mother, and apart from her aerokinesis it is the ability with which she has the most skill. She can alter the movements and forms of metal objects, and can change a metal's appearance, state and properties. She can also turn one metal into another. She has often used the ability to deflect away bullets while fighting.

Dani Lewin

When Dani manifests this ability, she will only be able to control it weakly, able to lift and move small metallic objects. However, as she pratices, she will discover she has great talent with this ability, and be able to do things such as control a human's movements, as well, should they have enough traces of iron in their blood, and transform metals into other metals.

Peter Petrelli

Peter is yet to use this ability, but ought to have similar limits to Mark.

Similar Abilities

  • Magnetism can manipulate magnetic fields and magnetic metals
  • Metal mimicry can transform the body into a metal

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