She is one of three characters roleplayed by Blazingphoenix on World 1


She has dark brown hair and eyes. Tall for her age. She is of Asian descent


Dad:  Tony Grace

Mum: Mary Grace

Oldest sister: Danielle Grace

Older sister: Nicole Grace

Adopted sister: Olivia Grace

Brief History

She was captured at the age of 5 by B26 because of her relation to Danielle.  She remained captured until she was freed and was reunited with the rest of her family.  Her adopted sister Olivia joined due to these events.  2 months after the fall of B26, when she was 6, she manifested her ability by summoning an item that she really wanted.


Her ability is Summoning.  This allows her to summon non-organic items at will, such as toys and books.  So far, there has been no restrictions as to how far this ability can reach up to.  However, she cannot summon things such as meat or vegetable and other human beings or animals


She can summon many things that she needs to keep herself entertained, making sure that she does no lose control of her ability just yet.


As the ability can only summon non-organic things, this means that she cannot summon many types of food.  It also means that if she tries to summon a person, even by accident, they could get burnt to death during the trip.