Microwave Emission

Luke melting a toy
Ability to:
emit microwave radiation from one's body
Luke Campbell


Kaishou Nakamura

Microwave emission is the ability to emit microwaves from oneself.


  • Luke Campbell has this ability naturally.
  • Orin also has this ability naturally.
  • Kaishou Nakamura will possess this ability naturally.


Luke Campbell

Luke is able to emit microwaves from his hand. He has not been seen producing microwaves in any other manner. His ability has been shown working differently on various objects and liquids, having a similar effect to what a microwave over would do to that particular material. Water boiled whilst plastic melted. His ability could also be used to burn the flesh of a person whilst boiling their blood, which was quickly fatal. He insinuated that his ability could cause pacemakers to malfunction.


It is unknown whether or not Orin has the same or similar limits as Luke.

Kaishou Nakamura

Kaishou will be able to emit microwave radiation from the palms of his hands. These rays will have different effects on different materials, similar to a microwave over. It will boil water, melt plastic, cause metal to explode and kill humans by burning and boiling their flesh. It will also affect pacemakers if aimed directly at the person's heart. Kaishou will be able to consciously control this ability. However, he will not be able to activate it without raising his hands, and therefore he could be blocked by preventing his movement.

Similar Abilities

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