Mind Shielding
No mind reading

A telepath can't read a shielded mind
Ability to:
protect the minds of others from telepathic intrusion

Peter Petrelli World 5 (via empathic mimicry)

Mind shielding is the ability to shield the minds of others from telepathic intrusion.


  • An minor character in World 5, named John, has used this ability.
  • Peter Petrelli has absorbed this ability in World 5.


The ability can be used to shield another's mind so that their thoughts cannot be read or manipulated by telepaths, even telepaths who also possess this ability. However, they could still be affected mentally in other ways, e.g by telepathic hallucinations, memory-affecting abilities and mental manipulation. John and Peter cannot use this ability on themselves, but their minds can still be shielded by another, as has occured. They need contact to create the shield in the first place, but not to maintain it afterwards. The shield is completely undetectable, and a telepath wouldn't know what was blocking him or her. The telepath would only sense that they would be unable to hear any thoughts, and would experience static and then pain if they tried to force the ability. The shield cannot be taken down using this ability.

Similar Abilities

  • Shielding is the ability to protect others from attacks, dangers and other abilities
  • Perspecuity is the ability to be immune to all mental abilities
  • Diamond aura blocks out all mental and empathic abilities
  • Resistance protects against telepathic control
  • Mental shield is the ability to shield onself and others from mental abilities
  • Anti-shield is the ability to penetrate shields
  • Mindstrike is the ability to attack mentally, which also protects against telepathic intrusion

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