Molecular Acceleration
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Kano melts a door handle
Ability to:
accelerate the speed of molecules
Kano Masahashi

Laisha Markell

Molecular acceleration is the ability to vastly accelerate the speed at which molecules move.


  • Kano Masahashi has this ability naturally.
  • Laisha Markell also has this ability naturally.


Kano Masahashi

Kano can use this ability with ease. He can use the ability to accelerate molecules in order to cause fire, heat up objects, liquefy objects or even cause objects to implode. Kano is unable to manipulate molecules in other various ways and can only accelerate molecules.

Laisha Markell

Laisha can use her ability to raise the temperature of objects by accelerating the movements of the molecules which compose them. She can thus melt materials, create fires and cause explosions. However, she tends to use the ability very fiercely and ferociously, producing fire and explosions almost every time. She isn't very skilled at using it moderately. She was shown using the ability to fight Organisation before her capture, and blew up large portions of the building she was in at the time.

Similar Abilities

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