Molecular Immobilisation And Combustion
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Making a radio explode by speeding up its molecules
Ability to:
alter the speed at which molecules move, to freeze something in time or cause it to explode

Molecular immobilisation and combustion is the ability to alter the speed at which molecules move, slowing them down to freeze an object or person in time (immobilisation), or speeding them up to cause an explosion (combustion).



Gabriel Silvestor

With this ability, Gabriel could freeze things in time for a short while, and cause things to explode. He did this by using his hands to gesture his intentions, and focusing on the target he wished to either combust or freeze in time. It is unknown how he would select whether to freeze or combust. However, he never reached his full potential with this ability.

Kelsey Cole

Kelsey was shown to be losing control of the ability, and making random objects combust when she was afraid. She was not shown using the ability to immobilise, or using it deliberately in any way. She is currently learning to control it and use it more skillfully.

Robert Max

Robert ought to have similar limits to his half-brother Gabriel, but is yet to display the ability.

Peter Petrelli

Peter too is yet to use the ability in either world. He would have similar limits to Gabriel in World 8, but in World 2 he has better control than Kelsey.

Abbie Gray

Abbie mimicked the ability from Kelsey, but seems to have better control than her. She has never used it.

Noah Gray

Noah too has never used the ability, and would have similar limits to Abbie.

Daphne Millbrook

Daphne will share this ability will her half-brother, Gabriel Silvestor. She is yet to manifest it, but like him, she will be capable of causing objects to explode and freezing them temporarily in time. She will need to aim at the object with both her hands and her eyes. Originally, she will cause combustion when angry, and immobilisation when afraid, but she will eventually overcome these emotional controls, and will learn to access the two aspects consciously.

Lorelai Petrelli

Lorelai will be capable of causing objects to explode by accelerating the movement of the molecules within them, and causing objects to freeze motionless by slowing and stopping the molecules. She will first be able to create explosions and then she will also develop the capacity to freeze a few months later. At first, she will struggle to differentiate between the two actions and will often combust when trying to immobilise, but she will eventually learn to control the ability and will be able to choose which effect she creates. She won't need any hand gestures or eye contact to use the ability, just a thought.

Similar Abilities

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