Monty Petrelli is a canon character adapted and roleplayed in World 2: Reflections by Lowri. He is currently 17 years old, and is the second son of Nathan Petrelli and his ex-wife Heidi. He has manifested the abilities of Flight, Xenopsychic Wish Fulfilment and Avian Omnilingualism.



Flying away

Monty inherited his first ability, Flight, from his father. The ability lets him fly, defying gravity and moving at up to supersonic speeds, and he can also levitate himself. It lets him carry others while flying, and protects him and any passengers from any ill-effects of flying, such as air resistance, low temperature and low oxygen pressures.

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Fulfilling a woman's wish to be in a different place

His second ability is Xenopsychic Wish Fulfilment. This ability enables him to distort reality in order to fulfil the wishes and desires of others, although there may be limits to the strength and he may need to know or be able to guess what the wish is, first. The ability shows as a pink light flowing from Monty to the person whose wish is being fulfilled. The first use was when he gave his brother abilities after Simon became jealous of his ability to fly. He has also used it to enable his father to find a way to save his uncle, and it is known that he will in future use it to give abilities to one of his nieces.

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Commanding a bird to attack

His final ability is Avian Omnilingualism. Using this ability, he can communicate with all birds, from small ones such as sparrows and robins, to birds of prey. He can use them to gain information, and can sometimes see from their viewpoint. He can also command them to do his biding. This ability is limited to only bird species.

Family & Relationships


Monty Petrelli

Monty as a child

Monty's history corresponds with canon for as long as canon showed. For several years, he didn't see or hear from his father, since Heidi's control order still stood. However, shortly after he turned 15, he manifested flight, and he then displayed xenopsychic wish fulfilment and gave Simon his abilities after realising that his brother was jealous. Simon contacted their father, who explained how these abilities were in fact normal within their family. The 2 brothers have now effectively rejoined their paternal family.

A few months afterwards, when he was discussing his uncle's recent death with his father, Nathan expressed a wish to be able to save Peter. Monty immediately seized upon this and used his ability to make it possible. It caused Nathan to manifest his final ability, heroism.


Monty is a French name which means "Gomeric's hill", or "hill of the power of man". His surname is Greek in origin, and means "rock".

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