Mythological Mimicry
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Mimicking a mythical demon
Ability to:
mimic any mythological creature or character
"The Myth"

Finley Petrelli

Mythological mimicry is the ability to mimic various mythical creatures and characters.


  • "The Myth" has this ability naturally.
  • Finley Petrelli will also have this ability naturally.


"The Myth"

"The Myth" usually mimics characters from Greek and Roman mythologies, including gods, demigods, heroes and monsters. He has also mimicked the Grim Reaper. He can mimic any mythical character he can think of, and will also gain any items, abilities or skills associated with the character.

Finley Petrelli

As a child, Finley's use of this ability will be limited by the amount of mythical creatures she knows about. However, as she grows she'll gain an interest in mythology to help her wield the ability, and she will eventually be able to mimic thousands of different characters and creatures.

Similar Abilities

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