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Naomi as a child

Naomi Aaran is a character used by Lowri in the future of World 11: Villains. She will be the eldest daughter and second child of Zoe and Luke Aaran. She will possess the ability of Precognition Interception.


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Naomi as an adult

Naomi will have dark brown hair and matching dark brown eyes. She will have inherited a pale skin tone from her father. She will be a tall child, though she will only be 5'7 in height when fully grown. Her hair will be slightly curly originally. While it will lose some of this texture as she ages, it will never be entirely straight. Her hair will be long during her childhood, then she will cut it into a short bob when she is 15. As an adult she will decide to grow it slightly longer, so that it then frames her face for the rest of her life.


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A woman trying and failing to get a vision

Naomi's first ability will be Precognition Interception. She will be able to intercept both precognitions and precognitive abilities. Intercepting a precognition will give her a glimpse of future events, and normally it will also prevent the person who possesses the precognitive ability from gaining the foreknowledge. However, she will also be able to return the precognition so swiftly that the individual wouldn't notice that it was missing, if she wanted. Intercepting a precognitive ability will give her that ability. She could theoretically intercept an ability permanently, but if she did so it'd mean that she couldn't even intercept another precognitive ability or precognition. She will always need to consciously activate her ability and choose a person to target. Her ability won't be reflexive, even with precognitions involving herself.

Family & Relationships

History & Future


Naomi is a Hebrew name meaning "beautiful, pleasant, delightful", and also a Japanese name meaning "beautiful honesty". The origin of the surname Aaran is unclear, but it may be derived from Aaron, a Hebrew name meaning "mountain".

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