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Naomi Elizabeth Sandringham is a minor character used by Lowri in World 2: Reflections. She is an Organisation agent who possesses the abilities of Advanced Deflection, Samsara Manipulation and Ability Invincibility. She is 25 years old.


Naomi has a pale skin tone, green eyes and light blonde hair. Her hair curls naturally, and tends to make her look as if she'd made an effort with her appearance even when she's being casual. She is 5'6 in height, slender and petite.



Deflecting an attack into a mirror (click to animate)

Naomi's first ability is Advanced Deflection. She can deflect away abilities and attacks at will. She can deflect away attacks aimed at herself, and at any other person or object within her view. At first, she could only cause the attack to be deflected directly backwards, but with training she has learned to deflect the attack at any specific target, and also cause it to dissipate without hitting anything.

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Healing cuts on a man's hands (click to animate)

Her second ability is Samsara Manipulation. Using this, she can manipulate the "wheel of life" to alter ages, to heal and to kill. Naomi can easily change a person's physical age, and can make a person immortal by preventing him or her from aging any further. She can heal any physical wound, and can inflict any fatal injury too. She can also revive the recently deceased. She cannot however inflict smaller injuries or wounds, and she also cannot cause illnesses. Her ability cannot be used on herself.

Sum Quod Sum, Part 1

Being electrocuted doesn't kill her

Her final ability is Ability Invincibility, which means that no ability can be used to kill her. It doesn't matter if the ability's sole purpose is to kill, or if only that particular use would have otherwise been fatal. She can still be killed using natural, non-ability means, she still can become ill and she ages as normal. She can also still be hurt non-fatally using abilities. However, any ability used to try to kill her would have no effect, and also no smaller ability-induced injury could develop into a fatal condition.

Family & Relationships

  • Mother - Lucy Sandringham
  • Father - Malcolm Sandringham
  • Sisters - Andrea and Sophie Sandringham


Naomi has lived in New York throughout her life, and manifested all three of her abilities when she was 17. She was contacted by the Organisation shortly after she graduated from college, and was offered training and an opportunity to become an agent. She has been an agent for 3 years now. No one outside her work knows of her abilities.



Naomi is a Hebrew name meaning "beautiful, pleasant, delightful", and it also means "beautiful honesty" in Japanese. Her middle name, Elizabeth, is also Hebrew and means "my God is a vow". Her surname Sandringham means "the sandy part of Dersingham".

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