Nathan Petrelli (exposed future)
Nathan is a canon character adapted and roleplayed by Lowri in World 5: The Formula. He is a senator and is also the public face of Pinehearst. He only has his canon ability of Flight.



Nathan flying

He has the ability of Flight. With this, he can defy gravity, fly at supersonic speeds and he seems to be protected from any ill-effects like air resistance, low air pressure or low temperatures. The ability was gained synthetically from the formula, given to him in when he was in his twenties.



Nathan's history corresponds to canon until the end of Volume 3. He became the public face of Pinehearst as soon as they began selling the formula, and spent most of his time overseeing and advertising this. When Barbara Zimmerman was abducted under the belief that she was Tracy Strauss, in an attempt to blackmail him, he personally took part in the raid to free her, which was successful. Several times, he tried to persuade Peter to stop fighting against Pinehearst, and he by now believes that he has succeeded in doing so.


Nathan is a Hebrew name which means "God has given". This could refer to how he has previously believed that his abilities were given to him by God, before he learned they were synthetic. His surname of Petrelli is Greek and means "rock".

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