The Alpha in her wolf form

The Navajo pack is a pack of werewolves roleplayed by Pippy in World 4: Vampires and Wolves. The pack contains 4 members, all of which are female. They were originally based in Nebraska, but now live in Otsu and are members of the Firelock Coven Guard.

Pack Members



Other Members


The Navajo pack were first shown when Rose joined them, and the other 3 members were trying to persuade her to accept that she was a werewolf. Shortly afterwards, Lana's imprint, Joshua, was killed in a hit and run accident. Lana lost control in her grief, and ravaged around the neighbourhood in wolf form, also losing control of her ability and deleting many abilities worldwide. Eventually, her Beta and half-sister, Kaylee, had to kill her to prevent her, and thus became Alpha herself. However, Kaylee couldn't cope with this, and when she heard of the Firelock Coven's ability to recreate the dead, she sent Sara to meet them and ask for their help. This was done, and Lana and Joshua were both recreated. The pack then joined the Firelock Coven Guard.

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