Buffy resurrection 6x01

Bringing a dead woman back to life
Ability to:
manipulate the dead

Necromancy is the ability to communicate with the deceased and manipulate the bodies of the dead.



Chloe Jenson

Chloe can use her ability to see the spirits of the dead and thus can communicate with them. She can also summon spirits, and manipulate them into doing her bidding, as well as controlling and manipulating the bodies of the deceased. With a large effort, she can even revive and raise the dead. They then return as they were when they were living, and it is something which she does often, almost like a hobby of hers. She can also capture some sort of energy from the dying, but this aspect of her ability is not very clear.

P.J. Haxford

P.J. can use this ability to communicate with the dead, but she cannot summon spirits. She can also use this ability to raise the dead. This does not take too much effort, but when she raises them, they return as zombie-like figures which are exceptionally violent and lack all human emotion. They will attack and kill anyone they can, regardless of whether they knew or even loved the individual while alive. The are superhumanly strong but also very unintelligent. She has no control over the dead once she has raised them. However, if healing is used on the zombie, he or she will revert back to his or her original living self.

Marshall Maitland-McKay

Marshall will be able to use this ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead, and to summon them so that others can see them and talk with them too. He will also be able to return the recently deceased to a zombie-like state of limited movement, but will find doing so energetically draining. He will then be able to manipulate the zombies into doing his bidding. They will be slow moving, will not be able to think much, will carry the wounds and injuries which killed them and will not heal from future damage. The most draining aspect of the ability for him will be the process of reviving a person fully.

Similar Abilities

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