Neurocognitive Deficit
Anna's ability

Anna using her ability
Ability to:
alter upper brain functions
Anna Korelenko


Delilah Cooper

Neurocognitive deficit is the ability to alter the upper brain functions of a person.


  • Anna Korelenko has this ability naturally.
  • Madison also possesses this ability.
  • Delilah Cooper will have this ability naturally.


Anna Korelenko

Anna has the ability to alter a person's upper brain functions. It is comparable to short circuiting a person's brain. When she first manifested aged 13, she could only use the ability powerfully, causing permanent mental damage to her victims. She accidentally reverted her family into animal-like mental states after hearing her parents arguing. She has since learned to control the ability more finely, and can disorient sensory perception, motor command, language skills and even conscious thought. Her ability also causes temporary memory loss because of the trauma it inflicts. She can target specific people for its effects, but certain people seem more susceptible to more severe damage, such as young children. When she first used the ability, it enhanced her senses, gave her headaches and made her pass out. Now however she can remain conscious after its use.


Madison has never been shown using the ability. She has only stated that she possesses it.

Delilah Cooper

Delilah's ability will interfere with activity in the cerebellum of the brain, altering higher mental activity. It could be used to disorient the brain's functions and intervene with sight, motor functions and language skills. It could also be used to knock people unconscious and place them into comas. Delilah will be immune to the ability herself. Its use will never make her pass out but it sustained use will give her migraines.

Similar Abilities

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