Nicole Calwin
Known abilities
Mother - Tracy Calwin

Father - Jack Calwin

Brother - Cody Calwin

Sister - Ashleigh Calwin

Twin Sister - Kayleigh Calwin

Adoptive Brother- Zander Calwin

Grandmother - Angela Petrelli

Grandfather - Carlos Mendez

Aunt - Pippy Gray

Aunt - Lowri Petrelli

Aunt - Barbara Zimmerman-Petrelli

Aunt - Niki Sanders

Uncle - Peter Petrelli

Uncle - Nathan Petrelli

Uncle - Neo Petrelli

Uncle - Isaac Mendez

Uncle - DL Hawkins

Uncle - Gabriel Gray

Cousin - Claire Bennet

Cousin-in-law- Gretchen Berg

Cousin- Simon Petrelli

Cousin- Monty Petrelli

Cousin- Micah Sanders

Cousin- Nathan Owain Petrelli Jnr

Cousin- Nathan Owain Petrelli Snr

Cousin-in-law- Dani Petrelli Snr

Cousin- Amber Petrelli

Cousin- Hayley Petrelli

Cousin- Darrien Petrelli

Cousin- Tessa Petrelli

Cousin- Lucia Petrelli

Cousin- Noah Gray

Cousin- Zachary Gray

Cousin- Abbie Gray

Cousin- Hannah Deveaux

Cousin-in-law- Josh Deveaux

Cousin- Luke Gray

Cousin- Gabriella Bennet

Cousin-in-law- Claude Bennet

Cousin- Zoe Gray

Cousin- Jacob Gray

Cousin- Alex Gray

Cousin- Braedon Gray

Second Cousin- Jake Deveaux

Second Cousin- Vallerie Brun

Second Cousin- Alec Petrelli

Second Cousin- Dara Petrelli

Adoptive Second Cousin- Ella Meers

Adoptive Second Cousin- Lee Markell-Bennet-Berg

Cousin - Charlie Deveaux

Nicole Calwin (full name Nicole Fiona Calwin) is the youngest daughter of Jack and Tracy, and the younger twin of Kayleigh. Unlike the majority of the rest of her family, she is not an evolved human and doesn't possess any abilities. She is kind and considerate but sometimes gets upset since she believes that her lack of abilities means that she isn't special. However her father says that the special thing about her is having no abilities. Her parents are protective of her since she has no abilities to help or protect her, unlike her brothers and sisters. Later in life, she will be married to Marcie Hardy and be the stepmother of Gracey Hardy.


Born on the 12 September, 2014, Nicole is the youngest twin and the youngest daughter in the Calwin Family. Unlike her twin and the whole of her family, Nicole is not an evolved human and possesses no abilities. This therefore makes her family extremely protective of her, since she is vulnerable to attacks set out against the family.

Although Nicole is a child, she manages to communicate to her family through her twin sister, Kayleigh, who uses her ability of mental projection to communicate with her. Additionally, her other sister, Ashleigh, generally senses what she is feeling and what she wants. They have been doing this since the twins were infants.

In the future, it is shown that Nicole will be married to Marcie Hardy. Sometime in the future she will be in danger and Marcie will time travel to ask the assistance of Jack to help save her.

Evolved Human Abilities

Unlike her family, Nicole is not an evolved human, and therefore she possesses no evolved human abilities.

Physical Appearance

Nicole has small chubby cheeks and a nice, beautiful smile. She is a charming, cute child who is smiling most of the time. When Nicole gets older she will have dark brown hair like her grandmother, and light chocolate brown eyes. This is different to both of her parents. Nicole will be a beautiful woman with a small amount of freckles on her face. She also has a dimple on her right cheek. Nicole will be quite tall, being taller than her twin sister. Nicole will grow to be a beautiful woman who will be independent.


Nicole is a Greek name which means "victory of the people". Her name is also the name of one of her maternal aunts, and it was chosen in memory of her. Her middle name of Fiona is a Gaelic name which means "fair, white and beautiful". This could refer how Nicole will grow to be a beautiful, fair, white woman. Her surname, Calwin, is French and means "bald".

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