Noah Gray

Noah Gray is a minor canon character adapted and roleplayed by Pippy in World 5: The Formula. He is the first and only son of Pippa Millbrook and Gabriel Gray. He has the ability of DNA Manipulation and had a future self in the present time.


Noah is around a year and a half old, and has very thin dark blonde-light brown hair. Noah has big brown eyes, and quite tanned skin, as he lives in California. He is quite short for his age, and quite fragile looking.


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Altering appearance through DNA

He possesses the ability of DNA Manipulation. He can use this to manipulate DNA and thus the body in many ways, but currently his use of it is sporadic, and usually accidental. He manifested it before birth and used it to accelerate his mother's pregnancy forwards, so that he was born several months premature. The ability can be used to change a person's appearance, genetic health and physical age, to give abilities to others and to give himself a temporary second ability.

Family & Relationships


Noah is a sweet young boy. He is very trusting and enjoys spending time with people. He is very optimistic at the moment, and always searches for something positive. He has spent most of his life either laughing or smiling.


Noah was named after Noah Bennet, who helped his father contain and master his hunger, and this is a Hebrew name meaning "Rest; comfort". He has no middle name and his surname means "Son of Grace" as well as the colour.

Brief History

Noah currently lives with his biological parents, Pippa Millbrook and Gabriel Gray. They live in Costa Verde, California, with Noah's pet dog, Mr Muggles. Noah manifested, however his DNA Manipulation is somewhat dormant and he has no control over it. His mother once accidentally absorbed it but used the same ability to return it to him.

Older Self

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Noah had an older self in the present, however the older Noah was recently killed. He had time-travelled back in time to save the world and prevent the future he lived from ever happening. He had full control over his ability of DNA Manipulation. However, while he was here, his aunt, Andrea Maxxted, was taken by Pinehearst, and while Noah tried to rescue her, he discovered his girlfriend, Reed "Red" Reed, had allegedly murdered his aunt, so when Noah got his revenge and killed Red, Red activated her seismic burst and killed Noah as well.

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